Unleash Imagination

We produce enthralling mixed media mixed-reality events in collaboration with some of the world’s leading artists and producers.

We take art exhibitions and cultural shows to a whole new level by tailoring virtual installations to suit a variety of locations:

• Art galleries, museums and other creative spaces

• Science centers and hubs

• Concerts, performances and festivals

We work with a wide variety of media and art forms, drawing from our collection of selected VR works to suit a broad audience. Watch a digital artist craft a work of art in a virtual space or invite the audience to immerse themselves while listening to a live band or orchestra - the possibilities are endless! Virtual art can be projected onto large screens for maximum engagement.

Our Events
Work With Us

Whether you are an exhibition curator, show producer or event organiser, we would love to bring VR into your event.

Are you a developer, new media artist, creative content producer, or just have great ideas and want to work with us? We want to hear from you!

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