In celebration of Singapore’s stellar success as a smart city, Fantasium Group is delighted to present Inspiration Nation. The exhibition explores how technology is being leveraged in Singapore to build a ‘digital society’, emphasising the connection between artifice and human nature. 

Well-known and emerging artists from different generations and ethnic groups present a multidimensional embodiment of their visions of Singapore to transcend reality through memories and imagination. Through this unprecedented concept, visitors can step inside paintings that define new meanings and rediscover Singapore’s untold stories.

Among other artworks, Inspiration Nation marks two new pieces created in virtual reality: A VR installation by Singaporean digital artist Zenith Chan utilises immersive technology to design an intimate space that invites visitors to re-connect with themselves and the ideas of Smart Nation; and 12-year old Russian student Arina Chernova experiments with virtual brushes to express creativity in a three-dimensional canvas.



October 18 - 30

11 AM - 7 PM

Except Sundays



UltraSuperNew Gallery

107 Rowell Rd,

Singapore 208031

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