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Inspiring learning and creativity with Virtual Reality!

Our fun educational programs are designed to allow students to discover, explore and pursue their passions for art and technology. We use the hottest, most cutting-edge technology in the world with hands-on activities to create thrilling learning journey in a fully equipped art-tech studio.

Unleash your wildest dreams in your own VR art studio, discover how to turn ideas into virtual yet printable creations.

Fantastical Art


Discover the wonders of immersive technologies and create your own reality. Have a try the most exciting applications of AR and VR that extend far beyond zombies and Pokemon.

Exploring New Realities
Education with VR: a Parents Guide


Creative Thinking is One of Four Key 21st Century Skills

This analysis suggests that more emphasis should be placed on developing human intelligence, especially in young children and with the support of artificial intelligence.


Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe for Children?

This study assesses the safety of VR headset used in young children: visuomotor function, postural stability, and motion sickness.


The Effect of Virtual Reality on Creativity

This study expands on recent research regarding the practical applications of
virtual reality, specifically related to the creation of new ideas.


The Potentials of VR for Art Therapy

The sense of presence that gives VR can be a powerful therapeutic tool promoting personal change and self-reflectiveness. 

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