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Art Exhibition about Singapore as a Smart Nation | Oct 2019

An Art Exhibition Like No Other

In celebration of Singapore’s stellar success as a smart city, Fantasium Group presented Inspiration Nation. The exhibition was held at the UltraSuperNew gallery from October 18 to October 30 2019. It explored how technology is being leveraged in Singapore to build a ‘digital society’, emphasising the connection between artifice and human nature.

Well-known and emerging artists from different generations and ethnic groups presented their multidimensional embodiment of their visions of Singapore transcending reality through memories and imagination. The participating artists in the exhibition were local mural artist Yip Yew Chong, Thai artist Nicha Jaroensuk, painter Danya Yu, digital artist Zenith Chan, student from Russia Arina Chernova, Russian fashion illustrator Ekaterina Chernova and tech artist Eugene Soh.

Through this unprecedented concept, over 70 people attended the exhibition and were able to step inside paintings that defined new meanings and rediscovered Singapore’s untold stories.

Among other artworks exhibited, Inspiration Nation marked two new pieces created in virtual reality. The first piece was a VR installation created by Singapore digital artist Zenith Chan. The audience had the opportunity to admire her work which utilised the immersive technology to design an intimate space of Singapore’s prominent landmarks that invited everyone to reconnect with themselves and the ideas of Smart Nation. As well as experiencing the second VR artwork created by 12-year old Russian student Arina Chernova who experimented with virtual brushes to express her creativity in a three-dimensional canvas.

Fantasium Group creates and provides a wide range of mixed-media and mixed reality events for arts and entertainment.


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