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Fantasium Events

Nurturing Creative Thinkers

Fantasium held a Fantastical Art course for the students at Montfort Junior School, where they were taken on a creative journey through time and continents.

This course was designed based on the concept of ‘Time Travel’ where we let the kids explore art history through doing. Students started the journey in a cave to discover the first human paintings. They were then taken forward in time where they explored Ancient Rome, Renaissance inventions, as well as met some of the greatest artists in history, learning about Modern and Contemporary art. Throughout this Time Travel students were given opportunities to create artworks inspired by their virtual trips.

"Fantasium Group conducted a 10 hours VR Tiltbrush classes for 10 of our Primary 4 pupils. The instructors were very responsible and engaging. They had to come an hour earlier to set up the classroom and they were very meticulous in their work. My pupils fully enjoyed their VR experience and immersed themselves in the masterpieces of the various great artists. Fantasium was also very generous to bring in many sets of Tiltbrush and laptops to our school so that our boys can have the maximum hands-on time. Their virtual artworks they created during the workshop were also shared with us at the end of the sessions. We truly appreciate the effort that Nina and her team had put in and would surely recommend this program to others".
Mrs Amy Khoo, Montfort Junior School


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