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Fantasium Events

VR Artwork & Mixed-Reality Video for EtonHouse

EtonHouse International School and Fantasium worked together on producing a mixed-reality video for the school's 25th Anniversary, where you venture into the Island of Knowledge.

Featuring a wodnerful poem collaboratively written by the EtonHouse students to celebrate the event.

Watch the video below!

"The students were a little shy when they first started but that did not last for too long. With the introduction and guidance from Nina and Tamara, the students were fascinated and were very keen to explore. After a few demonstrations, the students took turns to draw using the functions of the VR set and all of them were intrigued. It has indeed been an eye-opening journey for our students. What they brought home with them that day was not just a new skill set, but also to be able to shift their perspective while imagining themselves in the virtual world. Nina is also an amazing lady who despite being heavily pregnant when the project was due, managed to keep me constantly updated. Even after just giving birth, she would check in with me to make sure the project was running smoothly".
EtonHouse School


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