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Team Games

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes


A clever application of VR, as only one headset is required for the bomb defuser while everyone else explains how to deactivate the device. This experience places emphasis on communication, collaboration and creative problem-solving. The game tasks the player with disarming a bomb within a timeframe, with the assistance of the other players who are reading the manual containing instructions.  

Everest VR


An experience what it feels like to climb Mount Everest. It provides a unique and memorable experience shared amongst colleagues and teams where they embark upon their journey to climb Everest peak. This game instills a sense of adventure and spatial awareness within the group.  

Pictionary VR


A classic word guessing game in VR. This futuristic interpretation of Pictionary engages a team’s leadership, communication and problem solving skills, and also encourages creativity, placing a new spin on an otherwise mainstream team-building game. 3D drawing inside the VR environment, making the creation visible externally on the TV set up. 

Eagle Flight


Free flight breathtaking experience through the skies of Paris. Each team plays a multi-user competitive VR experience, ’flying' together in the same virtual game.  It instills an adrenaline rush and activates precision and agility.

Real-Time NYC Virtual Tour


Manhattan invites you to visit some of its most breathtaking spots together with users from other counties. Experience the thrill of flying with the doors off for panoramic views. 

Synth Riders

A visual delight that loads your senses for a one of a kind experience that is unforgettable and simply a blast to play. It is part action, part dance, and part rhythm. You’ll experience incredible music in a whole new way as your arms soar when riding the unique rail system and your body moves to the carefully crafted maps.

Lounge Games



This virtual, abstract art installation is to fly freely through “a surreal maze of evolving sculptures”.  The experience, unconstrained by the limits of reality, is designed to inspire awe, engage the imagination, and enhance well-being through shape, colour, motion, sound, spatial presence, and perpetual novelty.  

Nature Treks


Explore tropical beaches, underwater oceans and even take to the stars. Discover over 60 different animals. Command the weather, take control of the night or shape your own world.

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