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Inspiring learning and creativity with Virtual Reality!

Our fun educational programmes are designed to allow students to discover, explore and pursue their passions for art and technology. We use the hottest, most cutting-edge technology in the world with hands-on activities to create thrilling learning journey in our fully equipped art-tech studio as well as in public and international schools.

Unleash your wildest dreams in your own VR art studio, discover how to turn ideas into virtual yet printable creations.

Fantastical Art

Come learn how to create your own animation in a virtual space! We will guide you through the challenging and exhilarating creation process, with inspiring themes and characters.

VR Storytelling
Workshops for Schools
every programme is designed based on specific request

Fantasium has developed a range of educational workshops on Industry 4.0 specifically designed for public and international schools.


The primary objective of these workshops is to introduce secondary school students to the latest technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Web3 and the Metaverse, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These technologies are highly sought after in today's job market.


The workshops aim to empower students by enabling them to explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by the increasing role of these technologies in fields such as medicine, architecture, and the creative industries.


Following a comprehensive introduction to these technologies, participants are divided into groups for hands-on activities and in-depth discussions with experts.


The workshops focus on showcasing the practical applications of these technologies in various career fields, encouraging students to explore their creative potential and consider future career choices.

Fantasium presents a series of educational art activities called "A Virtual Voyage through Masterpieces." They focus on renowned artists such as Da Vinci, Modigliani, and Van Gogh.


In these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to step inside these masterpieces and utilize a variety of virtual brushes to express their ideas on a 3D canvas like never before.


We invite you to join us on this immersive journey of discovery, inspiration, and creation. Come and be a part of this unique experience!

Art Workshops

Past Workshops

industry 4.0 workshop
VR workshop
secondary school workshop
metaverse workshop
animation workshop
primary school workshop
creative technology workshop
tech workshop
VR workshop
VR workshop
art workshop
art programme
students create in VR
VR art educator
MonaLisa sketch
Modigliani sketch
Singapore sketch
Education in VR: a Parents Guide


Creative Thinking is One of Four Key 21st Century Skills

This analysis suggests that more emphasis should be placed on developing human intelligence, especially in young children and with the support of artificial intelligence.


Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe for Children?

This study assesses the safety of VR headset used in young children: visuomotor function, postural stability, and motion sickness.


The Effect of Virtual Reality on Creativity

This study expands on recent research regarding the practical applications of
virtual reality, specifically related to the creation of new ideas.


The Potentials of VR for Art Therapy

The sense of presence that gives VR can be a powerful therapeutic tool promoting personal change and self-reflectiveness. 

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