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Fantastical Art


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Dear Parents and Participants, with the new measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus, all workshops will be suspended from March 27 until further notice. We kindly seek your understanding during this period.

How It Works

Fantastical Art workshop is a starting point to the creative world of immersive technology where you can express their ideas in a completely new dimension.


During the workshop, participants will firstly get inspired by VR artists and some of outstanding virtual artworks. Afterward they will experiment with an incredible array of virtual brushes in the space around them that literally becomes a canvas. 


To complement these activities, students will explore various virtual art museums, artistic virtual experiences such as famous masterpieces Mona Lisa by Da Vinci and Water Lilies by Monet.

Children & Parents

We work in small groups with a maximum of 5 students. The classes are planned in a way that is  enjoyable for both children and their parents.

Join your child for this creative tech workshop to share the passion and inspire new creations.







1pm - 4pm


per workshop

Coming with family members or friends?

Contact us for 20% discount

Past Workshops


Where is Fantasium located?

Our workshops are held in our bright and centrally-located Phoenix Park studio. 

By Bus: 111, 132 (two stops from Tanglin Mall)

By Train: The nearest station is Redhill Mrt 

A shuttle bus service operates between Redhill Mrt to our studio.

Shuttle Bus Schedule

By Car: Ample amount of free parking is available at Phoenix Park

Studio Address:

Phoenix Park, 308 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247974 Level 2 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept walk-ins? 

All our holiday camps and workshops are by pre-booking only. Our studio is on a secure second floor so visitors need to inform us prior to their arrival.

Can my child do more than 1 session? 

Yes, please ask us. Alternatively, your child is welcomed to join our holiday program.

What facilities does your studio have?

Phoenix Park has vending machines and equipped male and female washrooms.

Where can parents wait? 

You are welcomed to join your child, we offer a 20% family discount. If you want to wait instead yet stay close, there's a lovely café next door where you can have lunch, coffee or a nice dessert. 


Can this workshop be organised at a location of our choice?

Yes. We have already offered such workshops at various locations, including the National Library during Singapore Art Week.

Strict Sanitation Protocol in Place

The well-being of our students has always been of paramount importance for us. Fantasium strives to adopt all necessary precautions to ensure a clean and safe environment in our studio. We use UV technology and antibacterial wipes to clean our headsets and controllers after each use.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 15.14.32.png

About UVC light

UVC light has been repeatedly proven to be effective against all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Radiation in the UVC range of 250-280 nm destroys microbes by attaching their DNA. UVC light is able to penetrate the cells of microorganisms and disrupt the structure of the DNA molecules. The microorganisms in turn, lose their reproductive capability, rendering them inactive and no longer harmful.

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