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Inspiring Innovative Ocean Solutions

We are proud to share that Fantasium was one of the sponsors of The Blue Water EduFest in November 2023 held in Singapore. This dynamic event brought together experts, innovators, and advocates in the field of ocean conservation to discuss and collaborate on finding sustainable solutions for our oceans at The Ocean Collective Summit.

As part of our commitment to raising awareness about the importance of ocean conservation, Fantasium sponsored a VR booth featuring the Sustainable Ocean Game. This interactive virtual reality experience, known as Oceans We Make, is designed to educate and inspire participants to take action in protecting our oceans.

In just 5 minutes, Oceans We Make takes users on a journey through an underwater world, showcasing the effects of pollution and the impact it has on marine life. This immersive experience is not only visually captivating but also serves as a valuable tool for educators to teach students about the delicate balance of our ocean ecosystems.

By combining technology and storytelling, Oceans We Make aims to create a sense of empathy and urgency around the issue of ocean pollution. The immersive nature of virtual reality enables users to truly understand the beauty and fragility of our oceans, and to reflect on their own role in preserving them.

At its core, the summit was dedicated to delving into the role of technological advancements in marine conservation. The conference served as a platform for in-depth discussions and insights into how technological solutions are pivotal in our mission to safeguard the oceans. By fostering collaboration among thought leaders, experts, and change-makers, the conference aspires to pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future for our oceans.

Blue Water EduFest, a non-profit marine and coastal conservation event featured a dynamic two-day conference, known as The Ocean Collective Summit, a collaborative effort between The International SeaKeepers Society and The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre. Held at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, the conference, now in its 2nd edition, carries the theme “Inspiring Innovative Ocean Solutions,” which serves as a call to action to address the pressing global challenges of preserving our invaluable oceans.


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